Q. Is there a fee for staying at the shelter?

A. There is no charge to our guests.

Q. Can my spouse stay in the same room?

A. No, we require men and women to sleep in separate rooms.

Q. If I’ve been in jail, can I still apply?

A. Yes, anyone can apply, but we do have restrictions to our program. Approval will depend on why you were arrested.

Q. Do you have zero tolerance policies?

A. Yes, we cover our policies during the interview and application process.

Q. How long can I stay?

A. Every guest’s case is different. Once approved a guest is evaluated and given a time limit at the shelter.

Q. What can I bring with me?

A. Only bring your necessities. Space is limited and we do not store guests’ personal belongings.

Q. Can I bring my pet?

A. We do not allow pets.