Success Story

Sara Kendall


Success begins at C.R.O.S.S. Shelter Project

My name is Sara Kendall. The reason I’m writing this story is because the shelter did a lot to bless me in my life. I learned a lot at the shelter, especially about God. It’s not just a shelter, it is a new way to start your life over to be successful in a way of life. The shelter is a place for a new fresh start in your many ways. For instance, learning about God, how to get a job, or stay off drugs or alcohol. Also, money management, saving and getting back on track to get new housing plan.

I completed my plans at the CROSS as a great success. Brenda Knight does great as house manager. She stuck by my side and helped me get back on track to be successful in life. The shelter is one of the best shelters in the state of Tennessee. While I was there, I got back into church, and it was a good thing for me. It got me to realize That God has been on my side all along in my life. I had slid back from God through the years. Mrs. Knight brought me back to a Christian life.

The volunteer work was good for me too. I always did the Bible factory. It was great. I learned about different languages in Bible printing. It was very interesting. At the shelter, I volunteered as an assistant manager.  This was good and showed me that I can be trusted and responsible as a person towards the shelter. It was good for my recovery from alcoholism. 

The CROSS shelter did wonderful things for me to be successful while I was there. I am now out on my own for the first time in my life. This is a big step because I always fived with family or people. So, this is a happy time for me. I’m doing fine in my own apartment. All I can say is that the CROSS shelter is the best place to be if you want recover and to get back with God in your life. The project works if you work it.

I would like to say in closing, that the shelter was a blessing to me. I want to thank the CROSS Shelter Project for my success in my new life. God bless you all. 


Veronica JoLivette


I served 311 days in jail in 2018. Upon release, I came to the CROSS Shelter. I didn’t have anything left in life. I didn’t even know where to start. What I did know was that I wanted a different way in life than where I came from. 

Now I’m sitting here on my lunch break writing this testimony. I’ve come such a long way in such a short time. Without the CROSS shelter, Mrs. Brenda and Kevin, none of this would be possible. There I learned how to be responsible. Not only did Mrs. Brenda and Kevin take time out of their days to take me to do everything I needed to get done to get my life back together, they are my friends and my family too. Today, I’m closer to God because of the knowledge Mrs. Brenda has shared with me. I’m clean and sober! I now work a full-time job and have my own house I rent. These things may seem like small peanuts to some people, but they are huge to me. A healthy, normal life is what I’ve always craved; and here it is. I honestly don’t know what my life would be like today if I had not been led to the CROSS Shelter and Mrs. Brenda Knight. This is God working in my life.

Andrew Peoples


The CROSS Shelter gave me the strength and all things I needed to get back on my feet again.  They helped me get a great job, which I love, clothes, food, and shelter. They also helped me get emergency dental care. 

Ms. Brenda is definitely a true, honest, Christian woman by far. Ms. Brenda, I thank you and the shelter so very much for giving me the opportunity to stay here, and another chance to get on my feet, and be the person that God what’s me to be.  I can do that now that I have enough faith in the Lord and it would not have been possible without the knowledge that Ms. Brenda has given to me about the Word of our Lord, so that I could be able to build back my faith and my relationship with Jesus like it should be, to lead a true and honest Christian life for our Lord Jesus Christ . Thank you for all the knowledge and help.

Priscilla Tibbs


Priscilla Tibbs, a 34-year-old guest, came to the shelter after her grandfather, whom she cared for, passed away. She also lost her mother, father, and brother recently as well. She returned from a recovery program when her uncles decided to sell the family home. She was able to obtain employment just prior to coming to the shelter. She quickly saved up her earnings and successfully transitioned out within 19 days. She was thankful that the shelter was available in her time of need. She regularly volunteers at the shelter now.

Ed Allen


On the night of Thanksgiving 2018, I was kicked out of my ex-wife’s house. Here I am at midnight with nowhere to go and with only two trash bags of clothes. So, I started walking towards where I work. I stopped there to rest, and a co-worker told me about the shelter. I’ve never been homeless before, and to be honest, I believe I was a little shell shocked. So, I walked to the shelter, and I knocked on the door. It was locked, so I sat on the porch and waited until morning. 

During that time, I felt lost and alone. But after talking with Brenda, and being here a few days, I realized that things would be okay. I am thankful for what Miss Brenda and the CROSS Shelter has done for me. In my darkest hour, now I have hope. I can start anew. And every day, every week I inch closer to where I need to be, in the footsteps of the Lord. It doesn’t seem like a big leap sense November, but I have hope now. I didn’t have it two months ago.

Ray Nixon


My name is Ray Nixon and I am 53 years old. I was living with my father and step mother in Tullahoma because I’m disabled. When my father passed away in July of 2018, my step mother kicked me out. I first went to a shelter in Tullahoma, but I didn’t like it there. Then I tried staying with a friend, but that didn’t work out. So, my niece found out about the CROSS Shelter in Shelbyville. I arrived on November 20, and I was waiting on my disability to start. 

I met Brenda and Kevin who were kind enough to let me stay here until I got my disability. She helped me find an apartment and get financial assistance to pay for the utility deposit. The shelter is also helping me with dishes, furniture, and other household items. I have made some good friends. I have enjoyed volunteering at the Bible Missionary Literature Foundation. Brenda and Kevin gave me rides when I needed to get something. I have really enjoyed attending Bible study at the AP Building and Miss Brenda’s Bible studies. Although, she made me do chores, it has been a real good experience. I’m glad she took me in and gave me a lot of clothes from the shelter clothing ministry.